Sunday, December 4, 2016

Night Elf

[NC] - Hunter's Quiver
[NC] - Stardust Highlander Set - Boots (common)
[NC] - Stardust Highlander Set - Arms Bandage (common)
[NC] - ULTRARARE - Stardust Higjlander Set (belt+top)

LB_RiverWood{4Seasons} @ Fameshed December 2016
{anc} Lacey aurora S
+Half-Deer+ Unicorn Story - Still and Quiet
.Swirl Poses. - Dude 6

Sunday, November 20, 2016


    [Deadwool] Ernst sweater - fitted turtleneck - black
    DYNASTY x OMEN - Yugen Boots - Garnet [R] RARE

Frayed Knot Industrial set @ 6 Republic Event
.:FK:. Amesterdam XXX Flag
.:FK:. Industrial Lamp Short
.:FK:. Weed ashtray
.:FK:. Weed bag 1
.:FK:. joints
[P] Pillows, Rainy Day Boots: Pearl - TD Kid
{anc} cracked glass
dust bunny . toy horse

Swirl Poses - Viper III pose

Saturday, May 14, 2016


[NC] -Legend of Warrior (RARES) @ The Fantasy Gacha
[NC] - L of W Bracers - Berserk Iron scales  - R
[NC] - L of W Bracers - Berserk Iron scales  - L
[NC] - Thief Leather Boots
[NC] - Hunter's Quiver
[NC] - The Strenger's Hood 
 Swirl Poses - Viper

[n.i] splish.splash.8 @ The Fantasy Gacha
[n.i] splish.splash.3 RARE
[n.i] splish.splash.9

[NC] - The Golden Altar - Table Lamps
[NC] -Classic Curtains
[NC] - Royal Glass & Dish Set
[NC] - Night Lamp
[NC] - Natural Sofa Bed
[NC] - Antique Fireplace
[NC] - Floor Wood Mirror
DRD motel - body

Saturday, May 7, 2016


Pewpew! Paranoid House Dark for Lost&Found
Pewpew! Paranoid Sector
Pewpew! Paranoid Cable Dark
+Half-Deer+ Great Horned Owl - Ghostly
{anc} sugar rose field [old] 1Li


Swirl Poses - Morning Dream for Sir Monthly 
.Reckless. - Sugata
floorplan. coffee cup gacha / custom RARE


Swirl Poses - Lily for Pose Lover Event
GOOSE - Lagare London urban loft livingroom Gacha for 6 Republic Event
GOOSE - Lagare Sofa PG
GOOSE - Lagare single sofa
GOOSE - Lagare coffee table
GOOSE - Lagare frame art
GOOSE - Lagare London Underground Neon sign

[n.i] fashion.hungry.hazella RARE for The Gacha Garden
[n.i] fashion.hungry.chinese.takeout RARE

Frayed Knot ~  NY Loft for 6 Republic
1- Frayed Knot Plasma RARE
2- Frayed Knot  cube
3- Frayed Knot  cube decor
4- Frayed Knot  3cube
5- Frayed Knot  2cube
6- Frayed Knot Clock
8- Frayed Knot rug
Frayed knot Pencils and books
Frayed Knot Phone
Frayed Knot coffee
5. [P] Pillows, Viviania: White Butterflies

JIAN Kitten Scratching Post
JIAN Kitten Collection :: *FaMESHED Bonus* Sitting Kitten
{anc} cracked glass (clear) [flat-round-B] 1Li
{anc} happyendpark. color little chick 5Li
Flite. Mypad Notebook Display- Black Leather
Stockholm&Lima: Birthday Photo Balloon (light)
Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter Nude
oyasumi / chinese take out
-David Heather-Condom Pots
Kalopsia - Caramel Ice Cream
HIDEKI - Coffee
.14 [ kunst ] - Cabernet bottle
.6 [ kunst ] - Empty bottles
Birdy - Pugglie - Hold/rez - Coffee
Birdy - Pugglie - Rez/Hold - Hot Doge
Birdy - Pugglie -Rez/Hold - Pizza
Birdy. Shabby Cats - Milk Crate - Medium

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sweet Garden

[P] Pillows - Viviania: Building Glass ~ Seed of Inspiration for The Gacha Garden

~*SR*~ Red Deer Herd with Sounds
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass07
HPMD* Garden Tree07 - ygreen b